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Second Mess FREE

An unapologetic celebration of the Norwich University Corps of Cadets. No middlemen. No filters. Just our stories—told by us.

Nov 20, 2019

Show Notes: In this FREE episode Special Forces veteran and retired LTC Dennis Downey '81 (on right) with Chris Munn '81 at Norwich University's 2015 Athletic Hall of Fame induction (Rugby team 1979-1980, 10-2 squad). Dennis talks about Loring Hart, Russ Todd, and how ruggers stick together.

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Second Mess Guests include: Rev Wick, Cadet Colonel Ethan Hagstrom, John Riggs '67, Colonel Timothy Donovan '62, Colonel Dom Ruggerio '61, Pete Hynd '94, Peter LaFrance '74, Colonel Pat Cox '92, VP of CGCS, Bill Clements, Charllie O'Neil '94, LTC Dennis Downey '81, MAJ Robert Fabich '07, Brian Dunne '2013, David Olson '86, LTC Chris Cadigan '95, Jack Abare '57, Jake Head '97 & many more.

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